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These are unprecedented times. We have decades of experience in leadership, crisis management, communications and cash flow management. We don't just hold clients hands and help them navigate through tough times; we work with you to grasp new and unexpected opportunities.


Are you content to just survive? The post-COVID world is coming. Do you want your business to stand still or seize the chance to become a market leader? We offer strategic, tactical, financial and analytical tools to facilitate growth. We provide support and a challenge to Directors looking to take their company forward



Once you have achieved strong, sustainable growth what's next? Over our careers, we have led dozens of successful acquisitions, and delivered numerous highly profitable exits. Whether it's tax planning, management incentives or mapping a path towards a sale, we will help make it happen.   



Stewart Lambert and Ian Finlay are highly skilled business leaders with over five decades experience in travel and leisure. Together their expertise encompasses strategy, analytical planning, budgeting, people management, M&A, corporate finance, exit planning and raising funds.


Stewart and Ian are supported by Steve Allen and Chris Thompson, both highly experienced travel industry experts. Find out more about our team

At Firebird we strongly believe in working with businesses at every stage of their journey. We don't believe in quick fixes or one size fits all, MBA-style buzz words which ultimately get you nowhere. Every company is unique, it has unique challenges, unique opportunities and unique potential.


We put everything we know (and we've been leading businesses longer than we like to admit) into creating unique strategies and solutions for each client. 


What we offer a truly full service - we become part of your company are there through every step of the way until your goals are achieved.


"Between Brexit and Covid it has been the most challenging period of my 30 years in travel. Ian has been and is our rock in a storm. Having an impartial external view on the business, who has sufficient understanding and experience has been invaluable. Ian's approach is both collaborative and challenging, always delivered in a balanced and fair manner." 

Dan Fox, Managing Director, Ski Weekends


"I can’t recommend Stewart highly enough - an extremely professional and dedicated individual, with considerable knowledge of the travel industry.

His expertise and negotiating skills helped us tremendously through the whole acquisition process and we feel that we couldn’t and wouldn’t have wanted to do the process, without him. A great asset to have in your corner."

Stewart Robinson, Managing Director, Infinity Travel

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