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We recognise that our Foundations for Growth model is not the right option for everyone, and can tailor our services to businesses and investors as required. 

We are able to provide expertise, guidance and support in the following areas: 

Raising Investment

Strategic Plan Development

Crisis Management

Mergers and Acquisition

Due Diligence


Non-Exec Director Duties

Business Reviews

Exit and Succession Planning



For individual services we charge on a case-by-case basis, having assessed the complexity of your needs and the extent of our involvement.


We make every effort to keep our fees to a reasonable level, and are strong believers that it is far better to provide value – taking the time and effort to ensure a positive long-term impact for our clients – than to simply provide the cheapest or fastest quote and solution.


We are very aware that, for many businesses, it is hard to justify a new outlay at the early stages of a growth strategy.
We have devised a fee structure that reflects this and look for:

1) A small annual retainer / Non Exec fee

2) A share in the value created, through a bonus or equity arrangement tailored to your circumstances 

By creating a bonus structure or taking a share in the business, we ensure we are completely aligned with you and are there for the long haul. We want to be by your side delivering growth and the strategic plan.


For an initial consultation to discuss plans for your company, contact Firebird today.



Phone: 07736 226118

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